MetalGuard Technology

The MetalGuard System – NSF61 Safety Approval

MetalGuard: A revolutionary, cost-effective water treatment system for the removal of potentially dangerous metals and other harmful contaminants from water such as:

        • Fluoride
        • PFOS
        • Nitrates
        • Pharmaceuticals
        • Arsenic
        • Chromium
        • Uranium
        • All Metals

How It Works:

Untreated water delivered to your house from the city passes through a filter containing MetalGuard.

The metals in the water are retained on the MetalGuard ligands leaving the water free of metal contaminants.

Every MetalGuard System contains a carbon block to remove all harmful chlorine and chloramines in your water from the municipal water districts.

MetalGuard will last approximately 2 -3 years depending on your water quality, and can be recharged thousands of times while maintaining its full effectiveness.

Metal Guard photo