About Us

Co-founders Don Roy and Don Ogan were both born in Southern California, and have been best friends since High School. Fast forward college, weddings and nine kids later their relationship continues, and have decided to take their technology backgrounds into the water conditioning industry

Helping people better their lives though higher quality water has become a passion. Don Roy believes his mom and 2 aunts developed Dementia from drinking TAP water throughout their lives. Because of this, “the Dons” are bringing a new technology called “MetalGuard” to market. MetalGuard is a patented technology that uses a unique media to remove unwanted dissolved metals such as: Arsenic, Chromium, Uranium, Copper, Mercury, as well as Nitrates and Fluoride. This newly developed technology is what separates American Waterfactory from all other Water Treatment units currently on the market.

We are very excited to help people by bringing this new technology to a marketplace that so badly needs it. It’s too late for Don Roy’s mom and aunts, but it’s not too late for you. Call today for a free water evaluation: In San Diego, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties call 619-359-8877. In LA & Orange Counties call 714-612-7718. Cheers to healthier drinking water!