About Us

As a rapidly growing company in the water-filtration business, American WaterFactory specializes in removing numerous contaminants from water on industrial, commercial, and residential levels with our MetalGuardĀ® technology. This proprietary media has recently received NSF Safety Approval.

Our media can remove various types of contaminants from water by passing the untreated water through a filter cartridge containing MetalGuardĀ®. This technology removes Fluoride, PFOS, Pharmaceuticals, Nitrates, Arsenic, Chromium, Uranium, Lead, Mercury, and all other metals. What makes our MetalGuardĀ® technology so unique is its ability to be regenerated thousands of times, making it a reusable, environmentally-friendly product.

We are proud to be a company that is committed to transforming the water treatment industry by providing environmentally-conscious and affordable solutions to water contamination problems. With our team of experts, NSF Safety Approval, and proprietary media, we are confident in our ability to continue making a positive impact on the world.